Make-up removing wipes — yay or nay?

Read to find out if you can replace your cleanser with face wipes for removing make-up.

When it comes to removing make-up, we always look for ways that can get the job done with the least amount of time. While the face wipes are convenient to use, with the resealable package keeping them wet and fresh, they may not be as efficient when it comes to cleaning your face as a make-up remover. Well-known make-up artistJanet Fernandes explains the pros and cons of using wet wipes for make-up.

Face wipes are great if you are travelling and are a must-have in your beauty kit if you are lazy. They can be excellent to remove the stubborn waterproof make-up and stay-all-day lipsticks. Follow thesetips to remove make-up the right way.

Make-up wipes are saturated with chemicals that allow easy removal of make-up. But sometimes, these wipes can leave residues and even dry out your skin if it contains alcohol. So always use wipes that are alcohol-free. The wipes may also smear make-up into the skin instead of removing the make-up. Plus they fall short when it comes to deep cleansing and you also need to use cleansers.

Use both wet wipes and cleansers
Your best bet would, however, be to use both wet wipes and cleansers together to get a deeper cleanse. You cannot do away with cleansers as they not only offer deep cleansing but also contain ingredients that cater to the needs of your skin. For example, there is a whole range of offerings from acne-fighting ingredients to sensitive skin formulas. Cleansers also leave zero residues, making it a good option for oily skin. Here’s how you can do a face clean-up at home.

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