Here Are The Secret iPhone Codes No One Knew About. Until NOW!

People that use iPhone say that besides they have mobile phone, they also have personal assistants. There are many things that iPhone can do for you. For example, it can give you reminders, organize your meetings and Siri can answer all your questions about – anything! Isn’t that great?

Besides these simple actions, with iPhone you can block your caller ID so you can make anonymous calls. But, this phone can do much more.

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  1. Block Caller ID:

Before you dial a number, punch in #31#, and the person you are going to call can’t see that you’re the person calling.


  1. Get a precise signal strength:

Dial *3001#12345#. This brings you entire list of options. Ignore all of them and simply hold down the power button. When the power screen pops up, you should press the home button until the home screen appears. On this way you will change the bars signals to numbers. Namely, in the range between -40 and -80 you will have strong signal and below that is a bad signal. But, if you’re around -140, you are really lucky person.


  1. Get your phone’s unique identifying number:

As a matter of fact, each mobile phone has identifying number, just as cars have VIN. Simply dial #60# and you will get that number on your screen.


  1. Find out where texts go:

It is interesting that texts actually don’t go from phone to phone. There is some sort of middle man. It turned out that they’re routed wirelessly to a message center by a particular phone number. You will get that number if you punch in *#5005*7672# and press dial.


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