HAND DIET – The Fastest and Safest Way to Lose Weight

The “Hand diet” is some kind of a special diet that shows how much of particular foods you need to eat. Experts claim that uncontrolled eating and huge portions are the leading causes of obesity.

According to them, one meat serving shouldn’t be bigger than your palm, while the amount of pasta should be smaller than a clenched fist.

Moreover, the amount of butter needed for a slice of bread ought to be the size of your fingertip. Whereas a piece of cheese should be like your two fingers, the peanut butter ought to be at the top of the thumb.

According to the researchers, these portions are increasingly becoming bigger, translating to an increasing number of obese people.

For instance, many of us don’t know that a teaspoon of butter contains 37 calories, while a large spoon carries as much as 111 calories.

When putting dressing on the salad, you should give preference to the vinegar over oil. This is because a teaspoon of oil contains 35 calories, whereas a large spoon carries 135 calories. As such, one extra tablespoon of oil every day will give you 6 additional kilos for 1 year.

 It is advisable not to sweeten your coffee and tea, and cut down your sugar intake to 2 tablespoons  three times per day, translating to 37.000 calories less for 1 year!

You can occasionally enjoy your ice cream, but not more than 1 ball. Avoid eating walnuts and nuts. Likewise, avoid eating pancakes bigger than the size of a CD. For instance, you should eat a poker chip-sized mayonnaise.

Avoid eating a chocolate bigger than a pack of floss





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