Here’s how gem therapy can help relieve a migraine

Anyone who has suffered from a migraine will know what a terrible affliction it can be. The pain and discomfort can consume you to such an extent that you are often left with no choice but to shut yourself away and sleep, hoping that it heals. People who have migraines often report heightened sensitivity even to the least bit of light and sound, and nothing but sleeping helps. Of course, there are strong drugs available to alleviate the pain, but allopathic medication often has subtle side effects.

With the intensity of the pain, combined with the duties you cannot excuse yourself from, what choice does that leave you with? Finding something that will give you some much needed quick relief is often the favored option. But what is the reason for these unending bouts of headaches? Planetary gem therapy can give you the answer.

In the case of migraines, astrological analysis will more often than not, point towards an afflicted Sun, which naturally represents the head. However, it does not just end there. There are different planets ruling differing parts of the body –

  • Mercury rules over nerves and nervous system and may have a lot to do with the wiring in the brain and abrupt bouts of migraine and nausea. (One can count Saturn in  here too as it also rulers over veins and slowing metabolism).
  • Moon, which rules fluid balance and brain chemistry, may offer other pointers too, after all neurotransmitters are nothing but chemical messengers of the brain that are an essential part of the migraine story. Similarly, the hormones secreted by the endocrine system are also affected by the same planet. No wonder a majority of women report episodes of migraine that coincide with their menstrual cycle, which is related to drop in estrogen levels.
  • Rahu or the North node of the Moon is also a planet indicative of psychic disturbances and may hold clues to the problem.

Which gemstones help? 

The gemstones that help a lot in relieving recurrent migraines are the gemstones of Moon – Natural, organic Pearl or a Natural Blue moonstone and the gemstone of Mercury, Natural emerald or natural Peridot. The one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that a proper recommendation must be sought before implementing planetary gem therapy.

*Natural gemstones are best worn after getting a proper recommendation for personal suitability. Planetary gem therapy is preventive in nature or can be used as a complimentary measure to medical treatment. It is in no way a substitute for medical treatment and care.

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