Many people claim that breakfast is the most important meal. That is why you should pay a little more attention to it and avoid the most common mistakes that many people do. Here are those mistakes.

1. You skip your breakfast.

Some people think that by skipping the breakfast they will take in fewer calories during the day, but actually, this habit can have the completely opposite results. The centers in the brain connected to the “award” in people who do not eat anything before noon, are being activated when pictures of food high in calories are being shown to them. This was precisely measured by the researchers of the Imperial College from London.

Practically, it means the following: if you do not eat your breakfast, you will irresistibly be attracted by sweets, and it is most likely that you will re-compensate the missed calories during the day, and what is even worse, it is most probably that you will re-compensate them with junk food. This is a much worse option than having a good breakfast. Thus, always have a decent breakfast without feeling guilty about it. If you are in a hurry in the morning and you have to go to work as soon as possible, at least take a fruit with you or some energy snack of high quality (like those with cereals for example, or those with nuts and dry fruits and honey).

2. You eat too sweet food in the morning.

Coffee and a donut / muffin / cookie is a typical morning alternative in many countries in the world, but the donut and the muffin that you consume in the morning most probably contain greater amount of sugar than the recommended daily amounts of sugar. For instance, a typical American muffin contains about 44 grams of sugar. If you drink your coffee sweet, that would be even more sugar. The American Association for Heart advises that you should not consume more than 24 grams additional sugar a day (additional sugar is the sugar that we do not take in balanced meals – bread, fruits, vegetables and other similar ingredients that  we consume every day and that contain enough sugar).

This does not mean that you should only drink an unsweetened coffee and head to work. Besides coffee, you can also eat a plate of cereals or muesli in which you can add a piece of dark chocolate (dark chocolate that contains more than 70 percent cocoa). Also, a banana will do, as well as dry figs or dates that you add to your morning muesli.

3. You do not eat wholly.

Only a small percentage of people do take in the recommended dose of fruits and vegetables daily, and according to the American Organization for Improving the Health, it is recommended that you eat two cups of fruits and three cups of vegetables every day. So, even if you have a piece of dark bread with butter on it and an egg for breakfast, which is really nutritive and healthy, it is pretty likely that you will skip eating fruit even later throughout the day. It is best if you eat one fruit (a banana, an apple, a pear, an orange) for breakfast already, before breakfast actually, on an empty stomach, and then go on with everything else throughout the day.

4. Your breakfast is too poor.

The morning rush is the main reason why people do not eat enough in the morning. However, the breakfast is the most important meal. The researchers from Israel have confirmed that obese people that take in more calories at breakfast, and fewer later at dinner, lose weight more easily, or they maintain the desired body weight more easily, than those who do this in reversed order, even though the total number of calories that they have taken in during the day is the same. So, to conclude, it is much better for you to have a rich and versatile breakfast than dinner.

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