This type of ailments can be of different character. These ailments can be the result of heavy cold, sand aggregation, mucus, little stones, festering and the like, which are being produced in impaired kidneys. A high temperature is a frequent symptom, as well as general weakness of the body, pain (when the sand and the stones are passing), twinges and inability to control urination.

First of all, you should provide warmness to your body: a hot bath with herbs would be very pleasant to your feet. Also, make sure you wear woolen socks, and, of course, keep your belly warm. You also need to consume sufficient amount of liquids, especially diuretics and teas that help in relieving pain and in dealing with the inflammatory processes.

Drink tea made of knotgrass and St. John’s wort, chamomile, marigold and brown knapweed three times a day. Prepare it in the next proportions: a teaspoon of knotgrass, a teaspoon of St. John’s wort, a dash of chamomile, a dash of marigold flowers and of brown knapweed. Pour two cups of boiling water over this mixture, let it steep until it starts to boil on the surface, then remove it from heat and cover well. Wait until it is cooled off, and then strain with a strainer. You should drink it while it is warm, half a cup after every meal.

During the first couple of days, you might experience some sharp stings in the lower part of the abdomen, in the urinary canals. You do not have to worry about that, it is only the sand and the mucus coming out.

You should drink this tea for a whole month. When the month is over, the bladder will be cleansed, and the inflammation and the pain will be gone. After a short break, the treatment can be continued.

Few more tips:

To treat bladder ailments, drink a tea made of corn silk or thin branches and stems of cherry. Drink a cup of this tea, three times a day. You can add some honey in the tea, if you like.

Tea made of centaurri herba, also known as Christ’s ladder or centaury, and tea made of St. John’s wort are also very beneficial. While consuming these natural remedies you should avoid consuming watermelons and grapes.

When dealing with persistent colibacillosis, drink a lot of field horsetail tea.

It is particularly efficient and thoroughly cleanses the urinary tract. Besides that, it is very good for tissue mineralization, so it will rejuvenate and strengthen your entire body.





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