How to Recognize Corked Wine?

Too hot conditions, light or high temperature oscillations can be the reason for wine cork.

How to recognize if the wine is corked:

  1. The look of the wine

One of the reasons for wine cork is cracking of the wine plug. If there is a crack on the plug, there is higher possibility of oxygen to enter the bottle and cause oxidization.

Check the color of the wine. If the red wine happens to have brown color- that means that it is corked. If the color of the white wine is golden-brown- it is surely corked.

  1. Bad wine smell

The smell is a very important element when it comes to wine. When you get the glass of wine closer to the nose you expect a smell of ripe fruit, not a smell that will cause disgust.

  1. The taste of bad wine

If you can`t decide if the wine is corked by its smell and look, then you must taste it. The corked wine has sour, oxidized taste of caramelized fruits. It is bubbly because it already became fizzy.

The most common mistakes at keeping wine are leaving it in hot temperature and on bright place. The opened bottle is best to be kept in the fridge which will decrease the oxidization.

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