Pain in the legs can be caused by different factors in life as men and women. Due to rapid lifestyle often ignore the pain in the body but they are a significant warning to the overall health of the body.

To reduce back pain should take care of our feet are. feet and thus will be lost and my hip and Chloe. But an important factor for the legs and back is to reduce body weight because our legs carry a burden and it leads to other pains such as; hips, spine, feet, spine, knees …..

There are many ways to eliminate pain as it accumulates, massages and exercises that will help strengthen muscles, improve body balance, stretching and strengthening the back.

Here are some exercises that will help you:

1. Exercises for heating

Lie on your back on the floor and bend your feet (in the ankle) back and forth 15 times Create. Then in the same position lifts one leg to 20 degrees higher than the other and make a circular motion towards the inside 10 times and then to external parties will have 10 times.

2. Exercise to strengthen the muscles above the knee

Supine leg lifts upright as high and we count to 3 and by keeping down its original condition. The exercise we do 10 times with one and the same with the other leg.

3. Exercise spine and legs

Lie down on your stomach with arms along the body and leg arm and right leg-raising them at the same time and then with the right hand and foot leg. This leg stretching muscles of the back and legs and also make 10 times.

4. Exercise for back (stretch like a cat)

It supine on her stomach to lift the arms at shoulder height and stretching back to where you with this exercise stretching back muscles and make this exercise 10 times.

  5. Exercise to strengthen muscles

Lie on your back and count of 4 on 1 leg lift the leg upright 2 and bend your fingers touch the knee, 3 Extend your foot and 4-foot drop straight into the first position. This exercise strengthens the knee and makes it 10 times.

6. Exercise muscles of legs and back

Lie on the floor on his back with outstretched arms beside the body. 1 places our hands over head, 2 boot forward and touches them with your hands and toes of 3 returning to its original position.

7. Stretching exercise of muscles of hip

Stand leg and the upright 1 of January Extend 2 Extend forward it to the back 3 and return to the place. This exercise will make 10 times with one and the same with the other leg.

  8. Drill down and to tighten the muscles of the rear leg

In a standing position with your arms forward and legs outstretched towards your shoulders bend your knees up to where we can and uncurl again. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the back leg and makes this exercise 10 times.


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