Recipe That A Woman Shared To Solve One Common Problem to Other Woman

This woman shared her experience .She  had a vaginal infection and went to see a doctor.

He gave her some medication and  the infection began to recede.

She was happy and didn’t visit her   gynecologist simple  because as most of us she  hates being touched on her intimate areas by a stranger

After  a month, the infection returned and this time it was worse than the first time . Pills didn’t cure  the problem .

After thinking a while she decided to look for solution.

She  came across of a medicine from a woman who had postpartum infection and she manage to cure it with  garlic.

She  thought: garlic, garlic in my vagina? No chance.

But then  the infection worsened and she decided to give it a  try .

Here is what she did:

  • she take a peeled clove and with a needle drag a yarn through it, so the garlic can not be detached from the yarn
  • place  the inside like a tampon
  • switch to every 8 to 12 hours
  • the infection will be gone in couple of days

Advice :

  •  always shower after the sexual intercourse to avoid infection,
  • if you already have problems with infection try this remedy 
  • if the  infection  stays  more than a week of this natural treatment visit a gynecologist

Live healthy and amazing …

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