Symptoms of Hypertension, Migraine and Stress You Must Be Aware !!!

Stressful times and too much work are bad for our health . Less stress doesn’t leave serious consequences and  it is even useful as a positive mental shock.

If you have  high blood pressure then  stress is  very dangerous  and  can lead to the development of arterial hypertension.

If you know how to make a difference what causes the pain according to the location then you will know how to treat it properly.

We prepare a table with symptoms of migraine, hypertension and headache caused by stress.

Don’t ignore symptoms and visit a doctor if they are repeated and if are long-lasting.

Dr. Weil,  gives a list of  foods that can  cause a migraine headache, and a list of  food additives like nitrites, MSG, nitrates, and food coloring that can trigger headache .

Here is a list of the foods :

– Caffeine
– Raisins
– Wine
– Citrus Fruit
– Processed Meats
– Chocolate

– Lentils
– Herring
– Anchovies
– Figs
– Peas
– Sardines
– Cheese
– Red Plums
– Bananas
– Raspberries
– Soy Sauce
– Avocados
– Peanuts

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Live healthy and amazing …

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